by Allison Spears, WFU JD Candidate ’22

The silence creeps in as the psychiatrist, Dr. Good, approaches my family in the waiting room. An uncomfortable pause and sideward glances are exchanged between us. The room feels like ice and smells like stinging alcohol. Nobody knows what to say or do at this moment. I mean, how could we? I know I never wanted to have to face something like this in my life. I can’t even imagine how my parents are feeling. The reality of my sister’s condition was frightening. Even more so because we were all in the dark for so long while she was struggling with something that we didn’t even know existed. The feeling was equivalent to how it feels when you are about to take the first plummet on a rollercoaster. My stomach felt like it was going to come up and out of my mouth. We all felt that way – uneasy and uncertain. Who would have known one event could put her in a downward spiral in the blink of an eye? I think we all blame ourselves.


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