By: Mark J. Vaders, Counsel at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP

Photo by DVIDS

Louis Wooten hadn’t always been a jealous man.  He reflected on that fact as he sat, watching the steady trickle of foot traffic flowing through Jefferson Park.  It was a gorgeous May morning, the first after an abnormally chilly spring, and the locals were out in force.  One of the joggers huffed toward him, her lithe feet pounding a steady cadence in the crushed pea gravel.  Louis watched her as she passed, admiring how each step slid fluidly into the next.  Envy gnawed at him tentatively, but he pushed it away.  He wasn’t going to feel sorry for himself today.  He was here to make a decision, and he needed to clear his head. Continue reading “Jilted”

A Day in the Trades

By: Jacob B. Hansen, Associate at Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Photo by Jacob Trbovich

The following takes place in 2685, nearly five centuries after the Third Great War. Terms that may not be familiar to all readers are set in bold the first time they appear and are annotated in the Glossary which follows the story.

“Do I hear three-million? Three-million to number 63, do I hear three point five? Three point five to 86, do I hear four-million? Four-million to our man on the phone, do I hear four point five?”

“Eight-million,” says number 63, a stocky black man with a wispy mustache and graying hair. Continue reading “A Day in the Trades”