What is Bioethics?

Bioethics is a field of multidisciplinary scholarship and practice that investigates the ethical, societal, and policy implications of activities and technologies in health care and the life sciences.  Bioethics generally considers issues and questions that arise in clinician-patient relationships, in health and public health policy, or in biomedical research involving human-directed interventions. Examples include many aspects of broad topic areas like genetics, genomics, and biobanks; death and dying; health disparities, prevention, and health care reform; decision-making and informed consent; reproduction and the beginning of life; research ethics and oversight; research with animals; novel biotechnologies and their implications for humans and the environment; and many others.

Awaken seeks to explore the field of bioethics in a literary manner focused on providing a unique and understandable perspective on contemporary bioethics topics that will prove crucial to society on local, national, and global levels.

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