Submit A Creative Work

Awaken invites the submission of creative bioethics works from all interested authors, including professors, students, and nonacademic professionals. Submissions on all topics related to bioethics will be considered, and the journal encourages authors to be as creative as possible in their exploration of contemporary issues in bioethics.

Submissions of all lengths will be considered, though, as with other publications, Awaken favors shorter works of approximately 5,000-10,000 words (with a preference for works under 7,500 words). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

All creative works should be submitted via email to Professor Christine Coughlin at Alex Alden ( will also review submissions. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format, preferably in size 12 Times New Roman or a similar font. Authors are encouraged to include, in either a cover letter or their email, any relevant information that would assist in the evaluation of their submissions, including why the work should be published in Awaken. Submissions by US Mail are not accepted absent special arrangements.

For questions about Awaken, please contact Professor Coughlin by email ( or by telephone (336-758-5504).

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