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Mary’s Battle 

Jacqueline Kasemsri, Wake Forest University School of Law JD ’22 “Please, God. Please, forgive me for my sins.”  Mary kneeled on the cold tile of her bathroom floor with her elbows propped on the toilet lid. Her knuckles turned white from squeezing her hands tightly. She could taste salty tears running down her cheeks. She…

Living (and Dying) on Your Terms: End-of-Life Decision-Making Before and During COVID-19

Hannah Norem, Wake Forest University, J.D./M.Div Dual Degree Candidate ’23 Preface: Chaplaincy and End-of-Life Decision-Making As a hospital chaplain, you have the privilege of experiencing the best and worst parts of patients’ lives.[1] You bear witness to the beginnings of life that take place in a hospital, like births and successful organ transplants.[2] However, you also…

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